Educator Philoshophy


I believe that teaching should be an ever-evolving process to adapt to the needs of the students, strength and weaknesses of the teacher and the topic being thought. I believe teaching should fluidly change both as sessions progress but also during a given session.

In regards to SJE teaching should be guided and never forced on anyone. In SJE the position of teacher will be fluid between participants and the facilitator. It is the goal of the teacher to be patient, intentional, balance content and process, make learning central to all lessons and activities.

I believe that learning should be accessible. I believe that learning should happen in a formal and informal context. I believe that everyone has the ability to learn something new, never finished learning, a life long journey.

In regards to SJE, never finished learning no matter how many classes, workshops, readings, etc, you do.  I strongly believe that people should not be forced into SJ and that one must be open to learning about it. Participants of SJE sessions can be learners but so can the facilitators, and it is vital that the environment constructs and supports a nonhierarchical learning structure. Facilitators should ideally create a space that encourages one’s self and others to seek out learning beyond the session as well.


My Thoughts on Liberation

•I believe that liberation is process and a goal.

•I believe that liberation happens over a long period of time and there is an urgency to move toward it. People, including myself, suffer from oppression every day and are limited physically, emotionally and even lose their lives because of it.

•I believe people should approach liberation as trial and error, that is, try an action and see what happens. If the action is a success, move forward and if not then use that instance as a learning opportunity to try to work toward liberation again.

•I believe that liberation needs to happen internally and individually and that it must also happen institutionally and culturally.

•I believe that the only path to liberation is to work to end multiple oppressions simultaneously… I don’t think the process is easy and I have a hard time even picturing what it would look like.

•I believe that liberation is a necessity….liberation has already occurred in my lifetime and I know that as I get older that I will continue to liberate myself and others.

•I work toward liberation in my practice through my interactions with students and my commitment to education. I believe that you are never finished learning; always a lesson to learn. I believe that while I am an educator and will have positional power that there is no hierarchy in education—I can learn from those I work with and they can learn from me.

•My goal is continue to create safe, nurturing spaces within higher education for those students who historically, institutionally and socially face challenges.

•I believe in speaking my truth all of the time, in a compassionate way… try to not suppress my beliefs.

•I believe that a collective process is necessary to transform a society.

•I believe that liberation will be enjoyable and fun yet painful and arborous.

•Liberation is by surrounding myself with people that love and support who I am holistically, making hard choices such as ending relationships, leaving jobs, having people angry frustrated with you.



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